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We are a registered dealer of STILL forklift trucks. STILL are the world’s only supplier of Hybrid Forklifts offering major fuel saving technology, highest service intervals, and great capacity at maximum lift. For the hardworking fleet, STILL Trucks will save you money on fuel, and out of contract costs. Along with this, they offer excellent warehouse equipment from powered pallet trucks, to Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) machines.


About STILL:


Founded in 1920, STILL continue to provide “speedy assistance,” reliability and quality to the market. Over the past 90 years STILL have continued to be a leading supplier of forklift trucks and platform trucks with the latest intralogistics systems. STILL is active on an international scale with a dealer network consisting of 246 worldwide.

“With the highest quality, reliability and innovative technology, STILL is meeting, today and in the future, the requirements of small, medium and large companies”




A term used to define how to get a product most efficiently from a receiving dock to a shipping dock in a warehouse, plant or distribution center.

STILL forklifts offer a comprehensive concept for intralogistics managing the exchange of information between trucks and all related systems. This holistic approach aims at an efficient interplay of all components involved in intralogistics including manpower. This system will allow for a more efficient operation offering the cost and performance benefits associated with improved efficiency.


STILL forklifts

STILL produce a range of highly efficient products with customers having benefited from their machines dependability over the past 90 years. SILL manufacture high grade industrial trucks with electric, diesel and LP gas drives.


Electronic Forklift Trucks

STILL electric forklift trucks offer unprecedented noise reduction with the benefit of no emissions. The use of robust and powerful traction batteries with a high storage capacity ensure that STILL’s electric trucks are very economical, tough and reliable machines. The average electric forklift truck can easily last a standard 8 hour shift before requiring recharging.



Diesel and LP Gas Trucks

The perfect blend of economic and powerful engineering, STILL’s IC engine trucks are a forklift of choice for any application. Though not as green to use as the electric models these forklifts have very low emissions but benefit from increased power and flexibility, truly an all-round truck for performance.

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