EP – Lithium Ion

EP Lithium powered forklifts bring a remarkably spacious and easy-to-use forklift to market, at a fraction of the cost of other compoartivie trucks. Thanks to the integrated lithium battery, the trucks offer more space than others and can easily be used for long periods of time by opportunity charging.

The trucks are avilable in 2.0 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes of load capacity, offering no emissions on site, easy to recharge power and maintenance-free battery technology that can take a hit.

Lithium Ion technology

Additional Space

As with other lithium-ion trucks, the great strength of this battery technology lies, among other things, in the favourable size of the battery. The advantage of this is immediately visible when you see the truck.

EP Lithium Ion trucks are not limited by the dominant square battery form of conventional lead-acid batteries, and therefore offers much more space for the driver.

The truck has a large and deep step so you can safely step on the huge footplate, which is one of the biggest footplates that you can imagine at a fork lift truck. The plate is free of obstacles and the lower legs do not touch the battery cover for higher comfort.

EP Lithium Ion battery
EP Lithium Ion Charge Port

Energy and performance

The standard 540Ah battery will provide a practical running time of 6:45 hours on mode 4 and 7:45 hours on mode 3. Thanks to the lithium ion technology and fast chargers, the truck can even be used around the clock.

If you want to drive longer, you can opportunity charge the lithium-ion battery during breaktimes.

A coffee break of 10 minutes already provides 7% extra battery power. A complete charge of the 540 Ah/80V battery takes 2.5 hours.

Connecting the charging plug is easy via the cover on the side of the truck

EP lithium ion truck

About EP Lithium Ion

Founded in 1993 EP Equipment has become one of the top players in the world of intralogistical solutions.

Right from a start EP Equipment focused on electric and has kept this focus until today. Nowadays, EP Equipment stands for highly innovative products in the field of warehouse trucks, that just fit the need of our customers.
With a core competency on small warehouse trucks, EP Equipment has focused its efforts on the needs of the retail, manufacturing and distribution industry. EP believe that urban logistics is a mega trend, that needs new, smart solutions and we have those solutions already today.

Producing a good pallet truck is about keeping the balance between the actual need of the customer and an attractive price level.

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