Red Diesel Law Change April 1

Date: Category: Bennie Equipment News

With the HMRC deadline of April 1st approaching, it is important that we all understand the changes and implications of switching to white diesel.

Throughout March, Bennie Equipment are in the process of flushing diesel tanks through, and ensuring that our hire fleet has had its fuel systems serviced in preparation for the mandatory changes.

It is important to us that as of April 1st 2022, our customers are aware of how these changes impact them as hirers. From April 1st, we ask that our equipment is only filled with white diesel.

Should a machine be returned having been contaminated with red diesel, then the following charges will be automatically applied:

  • Flushing Charge – £100.00
  • Disposal Charge – £0.50 per litre
  • Refuel / White Diesel Cost – £1.85 (subject to weekly changes)

We apologise for this inconvenience but trust that all will agree that these measures are beyond our control and are in-line with the new legislation delivered by the UK government.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on:

05136 720444