Portal Info

Our customer Portal is a tool that makes it easy to access information, enabling our customers to manage their forklift fleet with ease.

The portal allows users to view all equipment that has been purchased, hired or is currently on a service contract with us.

Product information, service history and past invoices will now be easily accessible at any time of the day.

The portal ensures customers stay informed 24/7 helping with the successful management of a forklift fleet.

Log enquiries anytime of the day

The portal allows us to offer 24-hour coverage, service enquiries & general enquiries can now be logged, viewed and monitored in real time through the new enquiry feature to make job reporting even easier.

Maintenance reports will be logged in real-time from our engineers via PDA’s, whether they’re onsite or off-site, so that you can view real time reports on progress.

Stay ahead

A reporting function is available to enhance your fleet management. At a click of a button produce a report that details equipment downtime, equipment lists, job fixes, job response times and maintenance contracts.

Getting started:

Existing customers can get in touch with us and let us know if you would like access to this new tool. We will create an account for you where you can get started right away. We can also arrange a visit to show you all the exciting new features the portal has to offer.

Customer Portal

How to use the portal:

You can start using the portal as soon as we have created an account for you.

Click on the Portal link found in the top navigation bar to login with the credentials provided by us. Your password can be changed on the portal’s home screen after logging in if required.

Once logged in you will see a homepage showing a dashboard of your ongoing jobs, invoices & credits, equipment, maintenance contracts and any requests for jobs or quotations.

You can access more detail by clicking on each of the dashboard areas or using the top navigation bar.

Sign up to our customer portal

If you would like access to this tool, simply contact us and we will create an account for you.

If you are an existing customer, you can access all of your Bennie Equipment fleet information right away.

We can also arrange a visit to show you all the features that the portal has to offer.