Thorough Examinations

We provide fully qualified Thorough Examinations for forklift trucks to ensure that customers meet their annual health and safety obligations. Our Thorough Examination will check the key components of forklift trucks for damage or general wear so that any immediate or pressing safety issues can be identified and resolved. 

What is a Thorough Examination?

Forklift trucks and other types of lifting equipment are required to undergo independent thorough examinations at least once per year. This is in accordance with the legal requirements of LOLER 1998 (Lift Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations). Under this legislation forklift truck users are personally responsible for the maintenance and safety of their equipment.

A Thorough Examination is carried out separately to routine maintenance and must be reported on similarly to an MOT for motor vehicles. It involves a detailed examination of all safety related parts of a forklift truck, including the brakes, tyres and steering under PUWER 19989 (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations), alongside all lifting components, chains, hydraulics, and forks etc, inspected under LOLER 1998 (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment).

It is a legal requirement to undergo a Thorough Examination at least every 12 months, yet more frequent examinations are required for machinery operating in harsh environments, that are responsible for lifting people, or that use specialist equipment.

Benefits of using us as your Thorough Examination provider

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We make sure your equipment continues to run safely and efficiently to not only comply with your legal requirements, but to continue running optimally and reduce costs from potential repercussions.  We identify faults early so that they do not become serious faults and require more costly repairs and downtime in the future.

If repairs or maintenance are identified, we offer a highly competitive maintenance service with a dedicated parts division to ensure repairs are completed quickly to the highest standards. This allows us to offer a full service and keep you focused on your core business.

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