Terberg visits Bennie

Date: Category: Bennie Equipment News, Terberg

Bennie Equipment has continued to build on its relationship with Terberg this week with a visit from Bert Terberg to discuss and develop the strategy for Terberg KingLifter truck mounted forklifts in the UK.

Terberg Kinglifter has already established a strong 50% market share across many European markets, with an enviable reputation for the products quality and reliability. Bennie are absolutely committed to helping increase the TK share in the UK.

The Bennie Equipment Senior Team visited the Terberg manufacturing facility this month in Holland and have gained first-hand experience on the quality of the machines build and operational performance. Combining this with the synergies of Bennie and Terberg as family run businesses, we are very excited to have such a great Partner to be able to provide our customers with the definitive truck mounted forklift solution on the market.

KingLifter MC available for demo

We have a KingLifter MC now available for a complimentary 1-week demo. The compact and versatile truck mounted forklift is being supplied on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

We also have further demo units arriving as follows:

Terberg Kinglifter M – Arriving 29th Oct 18
Terberg Kinglifter MC – Arriving 5th Nov 18

Please contact us on 01536 720444 to book a demo with us or if you would like further information on the Terberg Kinglifter or our Materials Handling range then please visit our website web.bennie.co.uk/bennieequipment