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D&G Noble Ltd have invested in 2 new Terberg KingLifter’s, painted in the branded vehicle livery colour, to augment their truck mounted fleet.

Scope of Work

Terberg Provide Cost Effective Handling for D&G Noble

D & G Noble, the ‘’self on/offload specialists’’, are a family run business based in Bedford that were established in 1962, offering a quality service and attention to detail with every job. D & G Noble are happy to deliver anything and everything throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, from containers to cable drums, and topiary elephants to statues of Anubis from their growing fleet of vehicles, tailored to suit the needs of their customers.

When offered a demonstrator Terberg KingLifter machine, Steve Noble (Director) and his team were curious in seeing what was so different about the Terberg KingLifter, over and above the traditional truck mounted forklift units in their fleet.

Upon collection of the demonstrator, Gavin, one of D & G Nobles lead drivers, immediately commented on how much easier it was to use due to the improved visibility through and around the mast, with the added benefit of hydraulic fork positioners. But it was over the course of the 2-week trial, D & G Noble noticed other advantages of the Terberg KingLifter. The first being a lift capacity of 2500kg with a low unladen weight. This meant that there was extra load capacity on their trucks to make their deliveries either more cost effective by fitting more on, or not and making the whole journey more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Some of D & G Nobles fleet include load securing straps already fitted within the body of the truck. An advantage of using the KingLifter for them was that only the forks and fork carriage move forward from the mast, and not the mast in its entirety. This now meant that there was less chance of the entire mast getting caught and tangled on these straps leading to breakages.

Based on the demo Steve at D & G Noble decided to proceed with ordering 2 new machines. For the first time, it was decided that he would have his Truck Mounted Forklifts painted in the same green livery as the rest of the fleet. He also requested that the Suzie cable connector be moved due to the way they operate them, of course Terberg were happy to accommodate this.

Steve Noble commented, “The team have enjoyed using the new KingLifter’s. The enhanced visibility combined with a great power to weight ratio and one side offload ensures our productivity and driver safety remain high. They also look fantastic painted in our branded colours.”

 Special features of the 2 KingLifters:

  • Movement of Suzy cable connector
  • Painted in own RAL livery colour

If you would like to try a Terberg KingLifter yourself, then please contact us on:

Telephone: 01536 720444

E-mail: sales@bennieequipment.co.uk