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Dodson and Horrell Ltd have invested in a fleet of 22 new Doosan electric forklift trucks, to replace an existing truck holding of gas and diesel Doosans.

Scope of Work

Dodson and Horrell Ltd have invested in a fleet of 22 new Doosan electric forklift trucks, to replace an existing truck holding of gas and diesel Doosans. For many decades Dodson’s forklift fleet consisted of diesel and gas forklift variants, to load and unload supplies in their factory and warehouse.  

Dodson and Horrell have an 80 yearlong legacy of producing a range of market leading agricultural feed. With production facility and warehousing that caters to thousands of tonnes of materials handling, it’s important to Dodson’s that they have a fleet of forklifts that can be relied on.  

The Doosan fleet was supplied by Bennie Equipment Ltd, following a long and successful relationship that spans five decadesAfter demoing a Doosan electric forklift, it became clear that the transition would tick all of their boxes.  

Dodson have been using Doosan forklifts supplied by Bennie Equipment Ltd for many years. Doosan provide the overall best value counterbalance forklifts on the market, combining quality, reliability, function and economical operating costs. 

The move from diesel to electric follows a commitment from Dodson’s to be more environmentally conscious. There have also been significant advancements in electric trucks over the past decade that enable a more economical offering. When weighing the pros and cons of an electric fleet, there was really no question 

Discussing the new fleet in more detail, we spoke with Rufus Harper, Commercial Director at Dodson and Horrell, here is what he had to say:  

What are your reasons for moving to electric trucks? 

We decided to move towards electric trucks as we wanted to find an environmentally better alternative to the diesel-powered truck. We also sought a more cost-efficient solution that offers our operatives an improved working experience, giving them a calmer and safer drive. 

 Why you chose/stay with Doosan? 

We decided on Doosan as we wanted reliable trucks that offered lower running costs plus the support of a mechanic on site. In a business where efficiency is so important, we cannot afford to have a truck out of action. Our previous models have been very reliable and fit for purpose, so there was no need to change to an unknown brand. 

How you use the trucks 

We will be using the trucks for the loading and unloading of supplies in the factory, plus general movement products around the factory and warehouse. We are one of the leading brands in the equine market, plus have emerging pet food brands, and supply our feeds to over forty countries worldwide. To support this we have a dedicated fleet of forklifts loading lorries continuously throughout the week. 

What criteria did you have in selecting and using the trucks? 

We required different trucks for different functions, as we needed to factor in height and weight requirements, plus outdoor and indoor use. We also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, with environmental impact and running costs being important considerations. 

What are our views on the Bennie Equipment & Dodson’s shared relationship 

Bennie Equipment is a local company, and have supplied Dodson & Horrell for over fifty years and have always been reactive and committed to our account. One of our core company values is trust, and we can certainly trust Bennie Equipment for their on-going service and account management. 

Doosan manufacture an extensive range of electric, LPG and diesel fork trucks, from 1.3 to 25 tonnes, and a wide range of warehouse equipment including powered pallet trucks, stackers and reach trucks. If you would like to trial or purchase a Doosan yourself, then please contact us on:

Telephone: 01536 720444