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Wreford’s Warehousing and Transport choose Terberg KingLifters’ again

With over 100 vehicles in their fleet, Northampton based Wreford’s Transport and Warehousing Ltd rely on a proven and dependable fleet replacement and growth programme.  Wreford’s Transport recognise the importance of having the right fleet options for any job, ensuring that they are available to meet their customers’ varying requirements, reliably every time.

Scope of Work

Wreford’s Transport took delivery of their first Terberg KingLifter truck mounted forklifts in 2019, after originally trialling one over a free of charge demonstration period.  Having operated the KingLifters’ for over a year, Andy Wreford, Director, pointed out that ‘the KingLifters’ have not only proven themselves up to the job they were purchased to do, but have done so without putting a foot wrong’.

The new KingLifters’ ordered are all built on the compact and agile MC chassis, coming with 3-wheel drive and the 4-way steer option.  Having the function of all-wheel drive means that the KingLifter is capable of being driven off road, and with 4-way steer, has the capability for carrying long loads sideways. As with the previous fleet, the machines feature the Terberg patented pantograph mast with a 2.5 tonne lift capacity, offering a fantastic lift to machine weight ratio, and enhanced visibility for the operator.

The new MCs were ordered with some additional options, all in the aid of improving the efficiency and comfort for the operator:

  • Hydraulic fork positioners, from the comfort of their seat the operator can adjust the forks for differing pallet/load sizes making offloading and loading far quicker
  • Load support bars, in the event of low overhead clearance such as low door frames, the mast can be lowered whilst the load is still supported until the machine is clear
  • Additional control levers so that this loading/unloading the machine can be undertaken from the ground

For further details on the KingLifter range and how it could suit your business requirements, get it touch with the Bennie Equipment team, official UK distributors for Terberg KingLifter:

01536 720444