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Bobcat/Doosan, Hako


Whitworth Bros Limited receive a fleet of new Bobcat forklifts, celebrating a thriving five-decade partnership with Bennie Equipment 

Scope of Work

Five decades of exceptional service by Bennie Equipment 

Bennie Equipment were delighted to have delivered a brand-new fleet of 13 Bobcat machines to Whitworth Bros Ltd (Wellingborough, Northants), one of Bennie Equipment’s most loyal and closest customers for nearly 50 years. A relationship built on trust, reliability, and proven results, with an exceptional level of service that Whitworth can count on to deliver their industry leading flour solutions to their global customers. 

The fleet of Bobcat machines consisted of 13 high specification (standard and compact chassis) Bobcat G18-5 LPG forklift trucks, complimented by numerous specialist modifications and innovative optional extras. These included modified drive-in racking overhead guards, blue rear safety lights and Optafleet (Fleet Management), offering performance boosts, improvements in site safety and a real tangible difference in the efficiency and utilisation of the forklifts as a whole. 

The Bobcat Pro 5 series forklifts load capacity boasts a powerful LPG engine and silent chain timing belt for less noise, along with improvements in efficiency as standard. Having been a Doosan customer for many decades, Whitworth’s are confident in Bobcat’s ability to deliver robust workhorses that can keep up with their busy working environment. 

Alongside the fleet of new Bobcat machines, Bennie also supplied five other MHE and cleaning machines to Whitworth Bros; a HAKO Sweepmaster ride-on (vacuum floor sweeper), HAKO Citymaster multifunctional outdoor cleaning machine, a Bobcat G25NXP LPG forklift truck and two Bobcat BPM20-7 Powered palled trucks. 

“The Bobcat machines perform incredibly well when pushed hard in our dusty (flour) environment. They work exceptionally in any area we needed, small spaces or bad weather they do not disappoint in performance. We need reliable solutions at all ends of our operations and the machines alongside our long term MHE supplier Bennie Equipment, never fail to deliver or support us. 

With a relationship spanning nearly fifty years, we fully trust Bennie Equipment to provide the most efficient and robust MH solutions for our needs, with the confidence that our fleet will be kept in optimal working condition by a team that genuinely care about our productivity.” 

Jason Ellidge (Warehouse Manager @ Whitworth Bros, Wellingborough) 

About Whitworth Bros Ltd 

We are proud to be a family-owned business with a pioneering past and a focus that is very much on the future. We may be one of Europe’s largest flour millers, but our feet are firmly on the ground. We are committed to the sustainability and longevity of flour milling so we invest heavily in our people, our processes, and our products. A family business that remains independent in both ownership and spirit. Our mills may be some of the most modern in the world but it’s our people that make it all happen.  

We are incredibly proud of our people and our people tell us they are proud to be part of the bigger picture. We employ over 500 people and care about each and every employee as they are part of our wider business family. We invest in training our people to encourage personal development and enable them to support the company growth plans. 

The entire team here at Bennie Equipment would like to give a big thanks to the fantastic team at Whitworth Bros Ltd. We appreciate all of their hard work, their long standing and highly valued custom and their incredible loyalty close to 50 years. All of us at Bennie Equipment look forward to continuing to work with and support Whitworth Bros Ltd in the future with any upcoming opportunities we may be invited to help with. 

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