It is important to have correctly fitted and specified tyres on your forklift truck fleet to lower running costs, and reduce damage to the truck. Forklift tyres directly affect the safety, performance and efficiency of a truck and will directly impact the longevity of a truck.

Depending on your budget and application requirements we can supply you with the right tyres for your needs. With our range of premium and economically priced budget tyres we can keep your forklift trucks performing optimally at the best value to you.

Typically forklift tyres are either Solid (a resilient or press on band) or Pneumatic (air-filled). Solid tyres work best in indoor operations due to their resistance to puncture and damage. They benefit from reduced maintenance and have a low rolling efficiency on smooth surfaces. Pneumatic tyres are best used over rough terrain where bumps can be absorbed to reduce the risk of damage to the forklift and/or its load.

Forklift tyres can come in various tread compounds for a variety of applications ranging from non-marking tyres to maximum traction and anti-static tyres. Bennie Equipment can help you choose which tyres are right for your forklift trucks.

Types of tyres available:

  • Solid tyres (resilient or press on band)
  • Pneumatic tyres (air-filled)

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