Terberg Kinglifter MC

Terberg Kinglifter manufactures truck-mounted forklifts in a wide range of different models under the name Kinglifter. The feature of these high quality machines is that all models boast an exceptionally good lifting capacity-low unladen weight ratio. Professional users will certainly appreciate how valuable this feature is.


The Kinglifter MC combines the best features of our compact S model and the versatile M model. The MC is the right choice if you have little space to operate in but still need a powerful engine and 2,500 kg lifting capacity.

You can opt for a 31 or 38 hp Yanmar diesel engine with direct injection, 1 or 3-wheel drive, 4-way operation (side loader), masts with a lifting height of 2.2 to 4.05 metres, fixed or retractable legs, many types of forks and wheels, and a range of options.

The frame, the lifting mast and other steel sections are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating. The plating is made of stainless steel. The legs which are always susceptible to damage in use are hot-dip galvanised. The legs of the 4-way machines are finished with a CDP base layers and powder coating.

All models are equipped with work lights, beacon lamp, parking brake and power steering.

Model TKL-MC Area of application:

  • Agricultural sector
  • Industry
  • Building materials,  e.g. transporting wood,  steel, insulation materials, window frames and doors and other long loads.
  • Gas industry
  • Recycling
Terbergs - Holland

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